Prices & Information

How much does it cost?

Members pay only by annual subscription. You cannot pay weekly.

  • 1 member & 1 dog: £75
  • 2 members & 1 dog: £85
  • 2 members & 2 dogs: £105
  • Additional members: £10
  • Additional dogs: £20

Your payment will be required before training commences. Membership fees will be reviewed each year at the Annual General Meeting to which all members will be invited to attend.

What will I need?

When training, you will need to bring a toy for your dog.  You will need to bring treats in a tub or pot. We recommend that you do not bring treats in a plastic bag as these are easily swallowed by dogs and are fiddly.

Ensure that you bring dog grooming equipment.

We recommend that you use a flat collar or half-check training collar. We do not permit check-chains. If you are using a ‘Halti’ or ‘Gentle Leader’ collar, please bring that we do not recommend Flexi-Lead for training please ensure that you have a standard type lead for your training sessions these are available for sale at the club should require one.

Please ensure that your dog is kept on their lead at all times unless you are required to remove the lead by your instructor for a particular exercise.

Please attach an Identity Disc to your dog’s collar. According to the law this must have your name and your address on it, you can add other information should you wish. The club suggests that you add your phone number to the collar information.

Clean up after your dog is necessary so please bring your poop scoop!

Remember we train whatever the weather so we recommend that you wear suitable clothing. Comfortable footwear is always required, no flip flops, or high heels! Please make sure that you are wrapped up warm and wear waterproof clothing when the weather is bad. Please bring a dog coat if your dog needs one.


It is important that your dog is regularly vaccinated and that all of their boosters are up to date, this is to protect your dog and the other dogs at the training. Please ensure that your dog is wormed regularly.


The club shop sells an array of dog accessories.

Toilets are provided.


New members are enrolled on the first Sunday of every month, from 1:30pm, however those with puppies (up to 6 months old) are able to enrol on any Sunday. You will need to bring vaccination certificates with you.

New Applicants, if you are able to do so, please download and complete one of the forms below, and bring with you on your first visit. This will hopefully save some time on the day!

We can only accept payments in the forms of cash or cheques. Please Gift Aid your subscription so that as a registered charity we are able to claim back the tax on it. All handlers must be at least 12 years old and a parent or guardian must be present.

We look forward to seeing you!