Here we have tried to answer some of our commonly asked questions. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us

How much does it cost?
New Members
Puppy & Beginner courses are £60 (6 week course).

All bookings must be made via this website. Please contact us if you have any problems booking online. Membership fees will be reviewed each year at the Annual General Meeting to which all members will be invited to attend.
What will I need?
When training, you will need to bring treats (in a tub or pot - we recommend that you do not bring treats in a plastic bag as these are easily swallowed by dogs and are fiddly). You will also need a toy - one's without a squeaker are best, so not over-excite other dogs.

Ensure that you bring dog grooming equipment.

We recommend that you use a flat collar and standard type lead. We do not permit check-chains. If you are using a training harness, ‘Halti’ or ‘Gentle Leader’ head-collar these are fine, but we do not recommend using a Flexi-Lead for training.

Please ensure that your dog is kept on their lead at all times unless you are required to remove the lead by your instructor for a particular exercise.

Please attach an Identity Disc to your dog’s collar. According to the law this must have your name, address and telephone number on it. You can add other information should you wish, but we recommend that you do not include the dog's name on the disc.

Cleaning up after your dog is necessary so please bring your poop scoop!

Remember we train whatever the weather so we recommend that you wear suitable clothing. Comfortable footwear is always required. Please make sure that you are wrapped up warm and wear waterproof clothing when the weather is bad. Please bring a dog coat if your dog needs one.

As training is all outdoors, it is not essential to wear a face covering, but you are very welcome to if you prefer.
It is important that your dog is regularly vaccinated and that all of their boosters are up to date, this is to protect your dog and the other dogs at the training. Please ensure that your dog is wormed regularly.
There is plenty of parking on site.

Toilets are available on site.

Training treats, leads, harnesses are available to buy from the Oscar Van - ask for Claire. Contactless card payments are the preferred payment option, but cash can also be accepted.

Training takes place every Sunday, apart from Bank Holiday Weekends and Christmas break. Please remember to sign in weekly on arrival.

We look forward to seeing you!